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法隆寺の住宅 house in horyuji




建物は、母屋と離れの平屋2棟からなり、屋根は切妻の単純な形状としています。 建物の軸線は中宮寺鳩和殿に揃えて、ダイニングの南窓から正対して鳩和殿の屋根を見せています。  屋根は構造体がそのまま天井に現され、高いところでは4.4mの天井高となっていますが 窓の開口高さは1800mmまでにしぼって目線を低く庭へと誘導しています。




The site is located in the area where old wooden houses remain, close to Horyuji Temple. The owner was hoping for a new home while staying close to the good old traditions of the area. The building consists of two flat houses, omoya and hanare, and the roof has a simple gable shape. The axis line of the building is aligned with the Chuguji Kyuwaden, and the roof of the Kyuwaden is shown facing directly from the south window of the dining room. The structure of the roof is directly exposed to the ceiling, and the ceiling height is 4.4m in the high places, but the window opening height is limited to 1800mm and the line of sight is guided low to the garden. The garden has pine trees, which are also found in Horyuji Temple and the surrounding houses, and is covered with fine gray crushed stone to create a monotone exterior space.

Aiming for a new expression that does not get buried even though it uses designs and materials that fit the cityscape.

​造園設計 荒木造園設計

掲載誌 日本の美邸VOL.5 2019.12(風土社チルチンびと別冊)

    LANDSCAPE DESIGN 132(マルモ出版)

    architecturephoto 2020.10.1

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