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苦楽園の住宅 house in kurakuen









This house is located in a calm residential area in Nishinomiya City.

The area around the site is lined with old houses, so there is no distant view, but the planting on the neighboring land to the north serves as a blindfold for the neighboring houses.

The site is long from north to south, so we decided to create a courtyard.

The south side of the house is a two-story building, and the height of the building becomes lower toward the north.

Except for the children's room, the rest of the house is located on the first floor, and the dining room, kitchen and master bedroom can be glimpsed through the courtyard.

Looking north from the dining room through the courtyard, you can see the neighboring house's plantings above the one-story bedroom. The living room, slightly lowered from the dining room, faces a small southern garden protected from the road by a fence and lattice.

There are many sites where it is difficult to have a landscape to look at and to ensure privacy and space. By creating a courtyard and carefully adjusting the height of the building, it seems possible to solve these problems on the site.

​造園設計 荒木造園設計

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