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阪南の住宅 house in hannan










The site is in a quiet area with many old one-story houses. This house has a low profile, reducing presence from the road, so as not to dominate the scale of the surrounding area. In actuality, the height increases as one goes deeper into the site, reaching a high ceilinged colonnade, the innermost space.


There is no scenery of note, in this densely populated area. As a house with a courtyard, we created our own scenery. From the approach that doubles as a garage, one reaches the courtyard through the gate. Planted maple trees seen from the living room dot the courtyard. This courtyard facing entrance offers a view of the west garden through the long side-ways window. One reaches the living space while enjoying the greenery of the four seasons. This west garden is the garden seen from the bathroom.


The living-dining room features the tallest stairwell, an open space on both sides of the inner courtyard and the south garden. A second story study faces the colonnade. We intended to create a reasonably closed and comfortable living vessel, acclimating with the calm surrounding environment.

​造園設計 荒木造園設計

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